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HTML5 Video Player

Stream Video Through a Customizable Video Player.

Set up as many pay-per-view streaming prices as you want on your video content. Control rates, promo codes and viewing windows. Utilize our white-label solutions and embed features to reflect your brand and eliminate external distractions across all devices.

Fully Customizable

The Global Web TV HTML5 video player can be white-labeled and customized to reflect your brand. Global Web TV name and logo are completely wiped from the video player.


Broader HLS Support

HLS support is the technical protocol created by Apple for all device streaming that brings HTML5 video players to life. HLS works by chopping videos up into smaller segments that are more easily transmitted.

Embed Anywhere

Since HTML5 video players are virtually universal, you can embed them just about everywhere. Embed your video player on your website and in your mobile and Smart TV apps to increase your views and reach a broader audience.


Chapter Markers

Our chapter marker tools help you indicate subject changes or section separations in your on-demand video content.

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