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Host, monetize, and broadcast with an end-to-end live streaming solution.

Gamer Streaming Live
Why Us

Highlights From Our Top Video Streaming Features

Secure Video Hosting

Secure video hosting with an all-in-one streaming platform

Video Monetization

Boost your revenue by monetizing video with Global Web TV

Stream Live Events

Reliable, flawless live event streaming with top-tier CDNs

VOD | OTT Platform

Integrate live video & VODS with our APIs with no difficulty

HTML5 Video Player

Reach your audience with our all-device HTML 5 Player

An Online Video Platform for Businesses &


Broadcast to Fans Beyond the Stands

Capture the action of online sports streaming
events with high-quality video. Broadcast with low latency to provide fans with
real-time coverage.

See How Global Web TV Can Improve Your Event

Our solutions is designed to be easy to use and customizable for your needs. In this video, you'll see how Stream Team Technologies can transform your event and engage your audience like never before. Click play to learn more.

How It Works

What Our Customers Are Saying


"Global Web TV made our conference a huge success. The app was easy to use and provided valuable insights into our viewers' preferences."

John, Conference Host

Stream with Global Web TV

  • 14 Days Free

  • No credit card required

  • 10 GB of bandwidth

Global Web TV

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